StarLinux LITE 16.04 (RC1) Desktop

Welcome to StarLinux!

My name is AwlsomeAlex, an active developer of the Linux community. My goal was to create customized Linux Distributions to perform specific tasks to my needs. For example, I have a lot of netbooks lying around, a common solution would be Puppy Linux, but that doesn’t meet my expectations, so instead I use well known distros such as Ubuntu or Arch Linux and customize it myself. Now creating the environment isn’t the hard part, it’s making it installable, a way I believe to truly make something useful for both myself and others. So I came up with StarLinux.


What is StarLinux?

StarLinux (and other variants) are a remixed Operating System based off of well known operating systems that use the Linux Kernel such as Ubuntu or ArchLinux. However the main reason for StarLinux isn’t to be a stable desktop environment with a downstream release cycle such as Ubuntu, but more like a pleasant feeling of something new that might be found as amusing for some. The main goal for StarLinux is experimenting with Linux, but available for the public, as Open-Source projects should be. However, one variant of StarLinux, StarLinux LITE is aimed to be both user-friendly and lightweight, so netbooks and older hardware can easily support it.


If you want a way to contact me, my email address is awlsomeabc1@outlook.com. So if you have any problems, please report it there. A forum page is currently in development, so the email will be the only means of communication for now.